Free Doctors Excuse? They Don’t Work.

Have you ever tried to take a day off work because you have to take your child to the doctors for a dr. excuse because they’re not allowed back in school without one even if all they had was a simple cold? It’s not easy explaining to the doctor’s office why you need an excuse for work because you had to take time out in order to obtain another excuse to get your seemingly healthy child back into school. Besides the time and money that is lost from work we all know there is no such thing as a free doctor’s appointment! By getting a free doctors excuse you can avoided this whole situation.

Whether you are using it for school or work; these free doctor excuse are far from the old-fashioned handwritten ones but unfortunately, even the free ones are easily spotted as a fake. Many of the “free” doctors notes that can be found on the internet look like a hand-written note that has just being printed up on a computer. The problem with the free notes is they are not researched very well and lack the markings that are found on the original forms. There is hope though!

For a small price (less than a day’s pay) you can download a package of over 30 notes that are not only guaranteed but they’re also phone verifiable. These templates feature all the necessary watermarks and logos for the most authentic look possible so you don’t need to be concerned with the note being scrutinized as soon as you step in the office.

On the website you can see a sample of the various templates that are available and these excuses are not just for general practitioners offices. You can find a template for dentist visits, eye doctors and specialized physicians such as neurologists or urologists; even funerals and jury duty! These notes don’t only work for when you’re returning to work but they also work for future days off.

Another prime example for using a free doctors excuse is for paid sick days! Employees work year around collecting sick days and hoping that they never get sick enough to use them but many employers will not let anyone take them if they don’t have a valid doctor’s excuse. So at the end of the year those days just get wiped away and so does the pay that was associated with them. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you are new on the job or have been there for years; trying to take any time off without a doctor’s excuse is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun! So why not just dodge the bullet and get a free doctors excuse.


Doctors excuses can be your best friend.